French Sh@t
On this page I decided to include translations for meats, veggies, fruits and many other foods and food related items. Hence, the name "French Shit" Full disclosure, my first time in Paris I didn't know any French. My wife and I tried Rosetta Stone for a month before we arrived but that didn't help at all. Sorry Rosetta Stone. 🙁 We were thrown into to fire in a way, but we did have some great French-speaking friends that helped us a ton with our French and also just going out and experiencing Paris (going to the supermarché, walking down the street or asking strangers) will help your vocabulary a ton. I know, not everyone has French-speaking friends, well that's where this guide will come in handy for you first timers with no French speaking friends. Honestly, a lot of the terms in here are very close to their English equivalent (ie. tomate = tomato) but there are some that can be somewhat tricky (ie. ail = garlic).
Anyway, but just so you know, most Parisians do speak English, you just have to know how to ask if they do, in French. I know everyone says French people are rude, especially rude to Americans blah blah blah. However, in my experiences the last four years they are amazingly helpful and patient, for the most part (of course there are going to be rude people, that's human nature, but Frenchies as a whole are pretty cool and they have no problems with Americans), all you have to do is TRY. You can't go in with an attitude like "everyone should speak English, I don't need to know your language". So now I'm going to teach you a little something that will help. Now, repeat after me "Je suis, desole. Par le vous Anglais". That's basically saying "I'm sorry, do you speak English". If you don't speak French this is one of the most powerful phrase you can learn in French. So learn it. If you need to hear the pronunciation just copy the phrase into Google Translate.









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