What is Cooking Shit in Paris?


What is Cooking Shit in Paris?

When on vacation most people don't even want to think about cooking. Especially when in the food Mecca that is Paris. With so many boulangeries, patisseries, cafes, bars and boucheries around with some of the most amazing food why would one cook? I say fuck that. I love cooking, I'm not a pro but I think I'm pretty damn good. My wife and I try to make it to Paris once a year for at least a month. Staying someplace for that long while eating out can be a bit expensive, so unless you're Scrooge McDuck or a kept man/woman, you got to do some cooking.

View of Germany from Basel Switzerland - Cooking Shit in Paris
Montmartre carousel at foot of Sacre-Couer

Even if I was that well off I would still cook on occasion and spend that money on some of the best ingredients in the world. I would probably lose my shit if I a week went by that I didn't cook at least once. I mean how can I resist when at most any time in Paris you can run into a farmers market and find some of the freshest ingredients.

And then LARDONS. For the uneducated this amazing thing is bacon chopped into little bits, perfect for cooking with chopped onions and scallions and serving with a baguette, butter and tomatoes. By the way, fresh butter from the marché, one of the most amazing things in the world. But I digress. This year was the fourth year my wife and I spent part of our summer/fall in Paris. We normally stay for 3 months with stops in other countries (I mean it's so easy) in between. Before our trip this year I came across the Texture App , a magazine subscription service. So I downloaded mad amounts of the food-themed magazines they have available (Food Network, Bon Appetite, Saveur, etc.).

So, while I have Paris at my disposal I will use her to cook some hopefully amazing meals. Well, honestly I'm back in Miami now, been back for a couple months now. I planned to do this while still in Paris, but I drank a lot of wine and had so much fun I really couldn't be bothered. I will post what I made while in Paris and continue posting what I make here in Miami until my next trip to Paris. I'll also throw up some guides on buying things in Paris for the non-French speakers, which I am one of, but I have been able to get everything I need with a little common sense and help from others (Google, friends, English speaking store employees).

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