How do you classify yourself?


How do you classify yourself?

22 APRIL 2016

I was asked a question this week while speaking about cooking with some friends over Jamaican oxtails. By the way, it is ridiculous how fucking expensive ox-tails have gotten. The fuck. Anyway, I was asked, "How do you classify yourself, do you call yourself an amateur chef/cook?" I cook at least four days a week, even when in Paris. Most weeks I cook almost every day. Some days I cook twice and sometimes thrice. Not to mention the late night baking experiments I have recently begun to undertake. I am NO amateur. I'm simply a home chef. Well versed in comfort food, BBQ and tasty shit.

A view of Germany from Basel Switzerland - Cooking Shit in Paris
A view of Germany via Switzerland, in the Autumn

Since my first visit to Paris in 2012, I've slowly started to come out of my cooking comfort zone. Trying new techniques, using ingredients I have never thought to use and going down new culinary tracks. There is something to be said about the impact of cultural stimulation on some people. For me, being able to witness new cultures and new ways to do things has stimulated me in many creative ways. From the major differences to the minor, it has helped turn me into a much better chef.

As I mentioned earlier I have been trying some new shit the last 4 years. Number one, I now know how to cook the perfect rice. I'll bring that up at a later date. After three tries I now know how to make kick-ass lemon bars. (This recipe for lemons bars from I Am Baker is awesome. They really are the best lemons bars as the title suggests.) Soft pretzels (Thanks Cook with Jack) are my new jimmy jam. I use them as buns for tuna salad, good shit. I've also used saffron for the first time a couple weeks ago. Very exciting, I know.

That brings us to this blog. In the near future, I will share those new experiences that I will be having in Europe in about 40 days. Hopefully, you'll like it if not that's ok too.

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